Choose The Best Gaming Laptop In The Market

We live in a time where technology is everywhere and where the internet has changed a lot of the ways that we do things. One of the best examples of this is, of course, the kind of computers that we have. What were once just business machines are now do it all tools that we rely on for a lot of the things we do every day. From work to the home, we rely on and work with our computers a lot. But if you’re young, or young at heart, most often than not, you use your computer to play games. So if you are looking for the best gaming laptop, let us steer you to the right place. You see, the computer world has changed a lot and old truths are no longer valid.

For example, when you hear Dell, Asus or Samsung, do you associate these brands with the best gaming laptop? In the old days, meaning a decade or less ago, gamers would smirk at the mere mention of these brands in a conversation about gaming machines. But now, with the world of gaming mutating and becoming more and more mainstream, every gaming computer review website you will find will have at least one of the latest gaming machines from these brands on their list. For example, the latest Samsung gaming laptop can give your old buddy, Alienware’s offering a run for its money. These large companies have realized that the gaming industry is now a billion dollar beast that it needs to tame. So when looking at what’s available, don’t just dismiss a machine just because it has the logo that your mom trusts emblazoned on its front. What you really need to look for these days is striking a balance between cost, performance and portability. If you really just want to play games and do not care about a machine’s portability, then just buy or build a gaming desktop.

But if you want power, graphics and performance anywhere you go, then a gaming laptop is your best bet. With new technology seeing faster, smarter processors that preserve battery life when they can and give you the juice you need, when you need it, there are a lot of machines out there that are light, and have great battery life while not compromising performance. The traditionally sub par battery performance that are typical with older laptops is also now a thing of the past with many new models going 4-8 hours on battery life tests. Most importantly, the price of gaming machines may still be steep, but they are now much cheaper, because of better production techniques, technology and stiffer competition. So that means you get more bang for your buck.

Best Gaming Laptops Buying Guide

Gamers need to shift to a different perspective of buying when shopping for the best gaming laptops. The process requires careful study and assessment on a few features that can make a lot of differences in usage and enjoyment.

While there are many aspects of the laptop that still need to be checked before pushing the buy button, there are three critical areas for consideration that must never be missed if you are looking for the best laptop that suits your gaming needs.

Three key areas of consideration when buying laptops for gamers:

  • Speed
  • Graphics
  • Sound Quality

When it comes to speed, this can be evaluated by checking the processor and the DDR RAM space. Standard games can run smoothly under the older dual core processors. But the recommended processors for new generation games are Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7.

With these processors onboard, you are better assured that you will never have to upgrade your laptop to run highly-demanding games that are still in the pipeline today and soon to be launched within the next two years or so.

But the processor alone is not enough to provide lightning speed. This has to be in tandem with the DDR RAM space. It’s no point having an Intel Core i7 processor but you only have 2GB of RAM; this will only limit the full potential of the state-of-the-art processor.

For games, the recommended DDR RAM space is at least 4GB for basic and simple games. But if you’re preferred games are action-packed games like the Gears of War that are relatively demanding in specs, then you will have to invest higher on high-end specs by opting for laptops with at higher DDR RAM. Better yet, go for laptops with 8 GB up to a whooping 16GB RAM space and you are assured that your laptop is too powerful to run even the most advanced games not only today but also in the next few months.

Another crucial aspect is the graphics card. There are currently three major brands that dominate the graphics card industry, and they are the AMD Radeon, Intel Graphics 4000, and the Nvidea GeForce. These three brands are top quality brands that provide reliable products. But just like the processor, their power is greatly influenced by the available RAM space.

Traditional video cards have only about 512MB of RAM. While this may be sufficient to run simple games, more demanding video games normally require larger video card memory of at least 1.5GB. Better yet, go for gaming laptops with 2 to 3 GB of video card DDR RAM space.

Other important components to look for when buying laptops today are as follows:

  • Hard disk memory – at least 500GB
  • Internet wireless connectively
  • Screen resolution and screen type – ideally LED
  • Sound system
  • Battery life
  • Price

By properly considering the above features, your choices are further narrowed down to fewer best gaming laptops exactly that meet your criteria. From there, you can then choose according to your desired design and functionality, as well as the brand of your choice.

Best Gaming Headset – Do You Really Need One?

Like many other millions of people over the Christmas period, you may have received a gaming console, a new PC built for gaming, or a high-definition flat screen TV as a gift. But did you ever consider that the sound coming out of that screen or speakers may not be up to scratch?

The technology that goes into making games now is vast, and rightly so, it’s a multi-million dollar industry and is growing month after month. There are conferences every year dedicated to games and the gaming industry. So much time and effort is put into major gaming titles that it’s almost unfathomable.

However, did you stop and think and realize you may not be getting the full experience and immersion that you’re supposed to? You’re sitting in front of your high-definition TV, or listening to your expensive speakers and you don’t feel immersed in the game. That’s where gaming headsets make a tremendous difference, and choosing the right gaming headset for you is crucial.

Here are some things you need to be thinking about when purchasing a gaming headset:

The System You Game On: Many gaming headsets are designed and created for specific gaming systems, so what may work on a 360 may not work on a PS3. On the flip-side though, there are headsets that work for both, so make sure to do your homework before buying. There’s nothing worse than getting home from the store or receiving it through the mail and finding out it’s for the console you don’t have.

Comfort: If you’re someone who plays a lot of games then you want a headset that’s going to be comfortable so it feels good after two-hours or after ten. As well as that, if it’s uncomfortable then you’re going to be thinking about how it fits on your head and trying to readjust it rather than spending time enjoying the game.

Sound: The primary reason to buy a headset. You need to look for a headset that provides you with equal to or greater than the sound you currently have from your speakers or TV. Do the speakers buzz when there’s a lot of noise, or loud noise? Look into getting yourself a gaming headset, you would be amazed at the difference.

Price: Don’t think that price equals quality. Get the best gaming headset that you can afford. Headsets range from around $50 to over $200. If you’re not a pro gamer or someone who spends a lot of time gaming, then there’s no way you need to be spending anywhere near $200 on a gaming headset.

Those are some of the items you need to be thinking about when you’re on the lookout for a decent headset. Remember to choose one that’s right for you.

Best Games For Your iPhone 4S

Are you a big gamer? Are you an iPhone 4S owner? If you said yes to both questions, then I have just the right thing for you. If you want to own great games for your 4S and test the phone’s A5 microprocessor, then you have to try the following real games on this powerful handset.

The following are some of the best games for your iPhone 4S:

Grand Theft Auto 3 – This is the game that changed the definition of Open-World on a handset that actually changed the whole Smartphone theory. Yes, this game is not that family-friendly, but I am sure that you won’t want it in any other way. The 10th year Anniversary of GTA 3’s brought about the release of this mobile phone version of open-world game. The iPhone 4S together with the iPad 2 are the only Apple gadgets that can run this game. Again, this is all thanks to the phone powerful A5 chip.

Scribblenauts Remix – This is definite a family-friendly game for your iPhone 4S. If you simply want to get rid of violent games then this is for you. This is a puzzle solving game that will challenge you to test your brain. All you have to do is to input words to solve its 50 levels. You do this just like the famous Nintendo DS titles. You will get 10 iOS exclusive stages if you play this game on this phone. You will also enjoy the game’s colorful graphics. Kill time with this family-friendly cute game.

Captain America – The Captain and you can make anything happen! This game will give you something different. With your swiping prowess, you can travel in one direction to another. This game play is fluid. Your fingers will e able to focus on the action that will automatically come to you on the phone’s touch screen. You can use shield throwing, wall jumping, enemy bashing, and hopping over under obstacles and more on this game. This is something that you will enjoy on your iPhone 4S.

Angry Birds – This is another family-friendly game for your phone. You can start dishing out revenge on those pigs who stole the Birds precious eggs. This game features hours of fun game play. You will get 288 levels or pure logic, brute force, skill, just to crush those green pigs.

These are just some of the best games that you can have on your iPhone 4S.

Best Gaming CPUs – Intel Vs AMD

Gaming requires more than the ordinary specs in software and hardware. For people who are just using the computer for light tasks such as making documents, playing flash games, or viewing movies, light specs would do. However, for avid gamers and heavy users, a so-so CPU wouldn’t make the cut. Some heavy users could be classified as either gamers or graphics or video editors. These people need only the best gaming CPU in order to achieve the best experience in using their computers. A great CPU can also prevent lags and hanging from happening too much as this can disrupt the game and running applications.

Now, what are the main things that people should look for in buying the best CPU in the house? Here are some pointers to remember.

First things first, the users must pick out a well-performing processor. Right now, two major brands are fighting the top spot for the best processor title – Intel and AMD. Intel has i3, i5, and i7 while AMD boasts of FX. These processors offer different kinds of features but one thing is for sure. These processors are currently some of the bests and the fastest in terms of performance and computing speed.

After that, users must find a suitable RAM and motherboard that fits with the chosen processor. The best gaming CPU also requires RAM modules running at high frequencies and motherboards that enables fast boot and multitasking which is essential in gaming. Some instances include having to connect to the Internet while playing an online game. A low RAM and motherboard kind would give gamers a lagging experience. Typically, the standard gaming RAM capacity today is at 4 x 4GB DDR3. Some RAM brands include Corsair, Kingston, and G. Skill. For the motherboards, PCI 3.0 slots and SLI and CrossfireX support are a must these days. It should be able to accommodate the graphics card and more features. Notable brands include MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte.

Lastly, the best gaming CPU is not complete without an amazing graphics card. It would be responsible for displaying amazing graphics and videos from the games which is why the card should be of top quality. Some of the notable brands for graphics card include NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon. Gamers who want the best must be able to shell out a bit more than the usual, as graphic cards are on the expensive side. However, this wouldn’t be a waste since it will provide breath-taking displays to accompany gamers during their playtime.

Horse Racing: Fun for the Whole Family

Have you ever spent a day at the horse races? If not, you should! Horse racing is a proud and old sport that have evolved over hundreds of years. Started in ancient Persia and popularized by the Roman Empire, it has been around practically as long as people have been riding horses. Horse racing is a fun and exciting event and unlike practically every other form of gambling you can bring your entire family to the race track!

While children are not allowed into casinos and other gambling houses, most horse tracks allow children to attend races with their family. While gambling is a major part of this sport, just watching the races themselves is a thrill. Many children love going to horse races and watching their favorite horses race for the crown. Given that many children love animals, the horse races are a great and exciting way to enjoy a day with your family.

Children can’t bet on races, of course, but you can! By placing a bet on a race you will add an extra layer of excitement to the races. Whether you win or lose money will depend on how the horses perform in the race and who you bet on. If you pick the right horse to win, you can win a lot of money! Of course, if you bet wrong you’ll also lose some money but that’s the nature of the game.

Many people are introduced to horse racing by their parents or other older family members. A day at the races could be a great way to catch up with your parents, aunts or uncles, or any other relatives!

Gambling carries risks with it, of course, but as long as you are careful and responsible with your betting should be able minimize your losses. You should never bet money you can’t afford to lose and if you find yourself betting large sums of money and unable to control yourself you should seek professional help immediately. Still, by showing restraint and caution you can enjoy a day at the races with your family and could even win a lot of money!

Horse tracks can be found around the world. From the United States to Japan and everywhere in between, horse race tracks are popular places to gamble money and watch one of the world’s most exciting sports. People around the world love horse racing due to its fast paced and exciting nature. Further, many horses and their jockeys have exciting backgrounds and stories that add an extra layer of excitement to the race.

With the Internet you can even bet on races without actually having to go to a race track! There are many options and which one is best for you will depend on you and your lifestyle. Still, a day at the races can be exciting for everyone, from the youngest children to the oldest adults!

Leading Five Golf Gifts For Newbies

If you’ve got a family or a friend that is starting to take a liking on the game of golf, you may want to think about presenting him or her various golf gifts to show your appreciation and support for their preferred sport. There are hundreds of gifts for golfers that you can find online. So, make sure that you choose something that fits a beginner golfer; something that will help improve their skill in golfing.

Here are some of the best gifts for novices that you may wish to give to your golf player friend.

Top 5 Gifts For Novice Golfers

Golf Lessons

One of the best golf gifts for beginners is a golf lesson. An hour or so of a golf lesson will make a difference in their skill because they will be learning from a professional instructor. You should check for the recipient’s schedule first before you enroll him or her to a golf lesson so that you won’t interrupt any of their activities. Your recipient will surely appreciate your gift and the thought that came with it.

Swing Groover

A swing groover is a simulator that helps a golfer improve his skill in swinging. This electronic simulator shows the shot analysis, club head speed, distance and shot and tracking statistics. The results can be seen on a large LCD screen just beside the simulator so that the user can easily see the areas that need more practice.

This is one of the greatest golf gifts for beginners because it helps them improve their skill without having the need to constantly go to the golf course just to practice their shot.

This can be used indoors and outdoors, which is great for golfers that have not much space on their backyard.

Training Aids

Training aids are great golf gifts for beginners because they help in the development of the recipient’s skills. Practice nets, putting greens, practice balls and practice clubs are great training aids for beginner golfers because they are made specifically for training.

You may want to take a peek at the golf gear of your recipient to determine which stuff you need to buy for them. This way, you won’t purchase something that they already have. Also, you may want to ask a few golfers to know what areas your recipient needs improving on so that you can buy training aids that will greatly help in developing that aspect.

Potty Putter Practice Set

This funny training set is great for golf beginners who want to constantly practice. Your recipient will surely appreciate your gift and the humor of the gesture. They will surely get busy putting instead of reading whenever nature calls.

Golf Equipment And Accessories

Among the best golf gifts for novices are golf accessories. Because they’re likely just beginning to purchase golf stuffs, you will have the opportunity to pick a wide selection of gifts to present them. Take a look at their golf bag and see what you can add to their accessories or gear. See if their golf club set is already complete; drivers are often changed so you might want to consider them as a gift.

3 Of The Best Games You Can Play On PS4

PS4 or PlayStation 4 as its popularly known is a home video game console that was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The console has a number of great features such as AMD x 86-64 Accelerated processing unit and a powerful GPU that has the ability of performing up to 1.843 teraflops.

Over the years the developers have come up with great games that you can play using the console. Some of the best games that you should consider playing are:

Grand Theft Auto V

This is a masterpiece developed by Rockstar North and was released on PlayStation 4 on 18th November 2014. The game is based on three criminals who commit crimes under pressure from a government agency.

The open world nature of the game allows you to freely roam San Andreas which has two sides: the countryside and Los Santos (a fictional city). As a player you have two ways in which you can play the game: from the first person and third person view.

The Last Of Us

This is an action-adventure survival horror video game that was developed by Naughty dog. The game is based on Joel (Troy Baker) who is a single father living near Austin, Texas, with his daughter Sarah.

One night, there is a fungus outbreak that transforms the humans in the city to cannibalistic monsters. Joel, his daughter and brother Tommy need to flee from the chaos. At the same time they need to kill the infected people in order to live in a free world.


It’s a sandbox independent video game that was developed and published by Mojang, a Swedish company. One of the most unique things about the game is that it’s an open world game which means that as a player you have nothing specific that you need to accomplish. This gives you a lot of freedom as you can play the way you want.

You need to save your characters from being destroyed by monsters. You also have the ability of attacking the monsters. The game is made exciting by the many modes that it has. The main modes are: survival, creative, spectator, adventure, and multiplayer.


These are some of the best games that you can play on PS4. The good side with all the games is that they come with great tutorials that guide you on how to properly play. For ideal results always ensure that you get the games from reputable sources.

What is the Best Game Console?

Take a look around, and you will see a lot of different gaming consoles. The latest and the greatest. So what is the best game console? If you are looking to buy a game console, you need to read this article! There is no doubt that game consoles change, and they change often. Though they don’t change as fast as the latest games, they do indeed change. We see a gaming box, and it comes out, everyone buys it and it is a hit. We don’t have one option as we did, say 10 years ago. At that time, Sony was the definitive choice, with the PlayStation 2.

It came on the market, and took the world by storm. There was no contest! The older game boxes were inferior and didn’t have the cutting edge, when it came to graphics. We have always had this. Gaming has pretty much had the one hit. Then few years later, a new hit game console. So how do you find what is the best game console. There are a few options out there, but what I wanted to give you is a way to be able to select the right one for you. With a console, the main aspect is gaming.

Though today the video game console has changed, in that they are approaching the point where we could call them a PC, the fact remains is that they are designed for game play. The main key to remember is selection. For example, the PlayStation 2 has 1800 titles! This is an immense number, and a Nintendo Wii could not claim that kind of choice. However, this is the point to look at, if you want the variety. If you want the interaction, then Nintendo Wii is without a doubt able to thrash the Sony PlayStation 3. However, as a semi PC slash gaming station, then the Sony PlayStation 3 thrashes the Nintendo Wii. Thinking about what you really want out of the game console will result in better choices, and finding the best.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

The gaming laptop is coming of age! It is steadily
increasing in popularity as performance quality goes
up. Gamers now regularly consider laptops or notebooks
when searching for that perfect gaming machine.

With each new generation of notebooks we are seeing some
novel breakthroughs: dual core notebooks, PCI Express,
Sonoma chipset, increased storage, increased RAM, faster
CPUs, better battery life and better wireless connections
including a Cellular Modem. All welcome news for gamers
and notebook lovers alike.

Generally, gamers are a very demanding group, they know
their computers and they know what they want in their
computers. Most gamers like to order their gaming laptop
with their own specs and configurations. In that light,
if you closely examine the main points gamers consider
when configuring or building their Dream Machine — you will
have a good blueprint for the best gaming machine.

Since notebook technology changes every two years or so,
it’s probably wise to purchase a laptop that can be easily
upgraded as new products come on line. So consider the
upgradable factor in any notebook that you plan to buy.

Now, lets look at some of these key gaming factors:


You must have the best/latest/fastest Graphics on the market. DUH!

Serious gamers are concerned with graphics, obsessed would probably
be a better word. And rightly so! Graphics or the quality of the
graphic chipset in your notebook computer will be your first area
of consideration and it will greatly determine the gaming performance
of your PC.

Go with the latest Graphic Chipset and also check to see if you
can upgrade your Graphics Card on the particular machine
you’re thinking about buying. Many machines allow this.

Here are some Graphic Chipsets that are highly rated: ATi Mobility
Radeon 9700, ATI’s Mobility FireGL V3200 or Intel’s Graphics Media
Accelerator 900.

ATi Mobility Radeon 9700 is a high quality Graphics Card or visual
processing unit (VPU) present in many next generation notebooks. It
will give you higher performance at a lower power level, saving
battery power.

It makes your notebook computer capable of many functions: 3D games,
wide-screen HDTV, dynamic presentations, mobile video editing studio
and graphic processor.

Many notebooks now come with integrated graphics, where components
interact and are sometimes shared, especially memory. If you want
a notebook computer for 3D games — check the amount of video RAM —
this is memory that’s dedicated to graphic or video applications.

Other common graphic chipsets are: STMicro, NVIDIA, 3D Labs, Matrox,
Trident S3 and SIS.


Get the largest amount of RAM possible. DUDE!

RAM or random-access memory will determine how much graphics
your notebook computer will be able to handle. It’s best to
get the largest amount possible on your machine or what you
can afford.

It’s generally agreed that you need at least 256MB for
Windows XP and Mac OS X. You will only need 128MB for other
operating systems in Windows or Mac.

RAM or the amount of RAM on your notebook computer is extremely
important if you want to handle heavy graphic files or want to play
games on your notebook. The more RAM you have, the more applications
you will be able to handle. Some notebook now come with up to 2GB
of DDR2 533MHz RAM!

DDR2 SDRAM – is a new standard that can boost conventional SDRAM
memory up to speeds well over 200MHz and beyond. For example, the
IBM ThinkPad T43, thanks to the Sonoma Chipset or platform has

This is much better than standard SDRAM which tops out around 150-
166MHz and DDR SDRAM which starts at 200MHz and goes up to around

Video RAM or VRAM is special memory that’s used by video adapters on
your notebook. This is RAM that is dedicated to handling the visuals and
graphics on your notebook computer. This is helpful if you want to play
a lot of the latest 3D video games on your notebook.

It is somewhat different from ordinary RAM because it can be
accessed by two different devices at once — enabling screen updates
while the video processor processes new data. VRAM provides better
graphics but is more expensive than ordinary RAM.


You need the fastest computer money can buy. Period!

In order to get the maximum performance from your ultimate
gaming computer you must have the fastest speed you can get
or afford. Your ultimate PC must be able to process and handle
the latest 3D video games with ease. There is nothing as annoying
as your PC freezing up in the middle of some major gaming action!

Therefore, your Processor’s speed is very important.

CPU or Central Processing Unit, you probably know it as
the processor! It’s the heart or rather the brain of your
notebook or computer. It does all your computer’s data processing and applications. Since it does most of the work, it’s usually the most expensive part of your notebook computer.

Go with SATA!

SATA is a type of hard drive and stands for Serial Advanced Technology
Architecture. It was developed by a whole group of companies including
Seagate, Intel, Maxtor, Dell and others. SATA transmit data in a serially
(in a single stream) as opposed to PATA or Parallel ATA which is commonly
referred to as an IDE hard drive.

Serial ATA hard drives uses less power and are ideal for notebook
computers, they are also more advanced than PATA hard drives which
uses multipe streams of data — go figure! But Serial Technology carries
data in a single stream and unlike PATA is not limited to a particular
clock speed, Serial transfers data packets almost 30 times faster than

If top performance in your notebook is one of your goals, go with a SATA
hard drive.

Intel Pentium M processors are commonly found in a lot of
notebooks and laptops. When in doubt also go with a Pentium!

The speed of microprocessors is measured in MHz.

MHz is short for megahertz. One MHz equals one million cycles
per second. The speed of processors, usually known as clock speed,
is measured in megahertz (MHz) or these days in gigahertz (GHz).

The higher the clock speed, the faster the computer will process
applications and data. It determines how powerful your notebook
computer will be. Processor speeds for notebooks or laptops are
steadily increasing, not quite the same as a desktop but the gap
is narrowing quickly. Speeds of 3.4GHz or more.

Don’t forget to ask or check the hard drive speed! A 7,200rpm hard
drive is faster than a 4,200rpm or 5,400rpm and usually gives better


You need the sharpest, brightest display screen or all the above
points are moot!

Display quality is also extremely important to your gaming
experience. Make sure the resolution and display quality of
your notebook computer can handle the graphics for 3D Gaming.

What to keep in mind…

SVGA Resolution. Put simply, computer images are made up of
dots, the more dots you have — the better the image.
SVGA Resolution is made up of 800 x 600 dots.

Many notebook computer have XGA (1024 by 768 dots) or
SXGA (1280 x 1024 dots), these resolutions will give
a higher quality image. WXGA stands for widescreen XGA.

TFT Active Matrix Display. TFT stands for thin-film
transistors and many high-end notebook computers use
(TFT) active matrix liquid crystal displays.

If display quality is your main reason for buying
a notebook, it’s best to give it the ‘old eye test’
and check out the image quality first-hand and decide
for yourself. Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, and others
are known for their high quality monitors — this
quality is also present in their notebook display

So when buying your perfect Gaming Notebook Remember This:

Graphics + Ram + Speed + Display = Perfect Gaming Notebook

Consider all of the above factors before you buy or config
your perfect gaming machine. Chances are high that you
will get a top-notch quality Gaming Notebook that will
give you hours and hours of pure gaming bliss!